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The purchases come to Instagram, and they are going to petar

The purchases come to Instagram, and they are going to petar

The purchases come to Instagram, and they are going to petar

The purchases reach Instagramliterally. Have you seen an object in a photo and want to buy it? There you will have a button to do it.

Mobile devices have changed our habits in every way, from the way we communicate to how, when and where we shop. We have millions of products within a few taps of the screen And Instagram wants to take advantage of the pull of their community to boost purchases from the application itself.

Instagram ads allow brands of all kinds to showcase their products as we review the timeline (which is no longer timeline, because it is organized by algorithm) of account posts we follow. However, to know more about a product or buy it, you have to leave Instagram.

Product purchases that appear in Instagram photos

The same thing happens to all that legion ofinfluencers fashionable that they petan on the social network and they have thousands, millions of followers willing to buy the same products that they use. Until now at most they could tell them that they had the link in the bio, but with the new movement of Instagram purchases are much more direct, and it makes all the sense in the world.

From the second week of November you can make purchases of products on Instagram. A small button will appear in the images that contain articles and, when you press them, we will see the price and the name of the same. Pressing on them will take us directly to the store where we can buy it, everything from the mobile and in two taps.

Brands and influencers rub their hands

Of course, we imagine Instagram taking sales commissions, so they’re rubbing their hands together. Imagine the amount of Kim Kardashian fans who they will launch to buy everything that the celebrity promotes in their photos.

This way of monetization It could have more impact for the company than the external announcements themselves. At the moment the tests begin in the United States and only for iOS users, have partnered with 20 fashion brands and accessories. Obviously, it’s something that ends up spreading to the rest of the world sooner or later.