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The process of building a road in Australia is hypnotic

The process of building a road in Australia is hypnotic

The process of building a road in Australia is hypnotic

The video of road construction in Australia has gone viral because of how satisfying it is to watch.

Australia is huge, in case you hadn’t noticed. So going from one place to another on many occasions is more a luxury than anything else; the need to have a road network, no matter how small, is imperative for economic development.

This is how roads are built in the desert

In other words, when you have a desert between two locations, you don’t care much that the road is modern; what you want is for there to be at least one road. And so the method used for road construction is a genius.

The video shared by the official account of England of Moora, a region in Western Australia, demonstrates this. The works are part of a program of more than 400,000 Australian dollars to improve access to more difficult areas; the modernization plan involves converting dirt roads into simple, two-lane roads.

The striking thing is that, Although the journey is 4.9 kilometers, the works only lasted a couple of days; and thanks to this video we can understand why.

In effect, the machine that sets the asphalt goes very fast, and the effect is so satisfactory that it has gone viral; the video has been played more than 16 million times at the time of writing these words.

The video of building a highway goes viral

It must be made clear that highways and other roads are not normally created this way; this is a type of flexible pavement, in which aggregate and asphalt, or other bituminous material, are placed separately.

This type of asphalt is cheaper, but it buckles easily due to the weight of the traffic; so preferably used in low traffic areasFor example, on Australian roads with only a few cars and trucks running per day.

That is why the construction of the road is as fast and direct as in the video.