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The possibility of recharging mobiles by typing in them is studied

mayo 23, 2020

When we write on a mobile phone, we use a quantity of mechanical energy that could be used to recharge part of its battery, or at least that's what some engineers from Michigan State University in the United States believe, who have already presented part of their study.

To collect energy from human movement, a folding device, a nanogenerator will be used, and the result has already been shown with an LCD touch screen, a bank of 20 LED lights and a flexible keyboard: as we write, the lights come on , without using any additional batteries.

The goal is to be able extend the autonomy of the mobile phone batteryIn fact, they estimate that with this technology the autonomy could be extended up to a week, although it will depend a lot on the use made of the mobile: whoever writes, will have better results, whoever sees a movie on Netflix, will finish their battery in a few hours.

In they comment on the progress in this study, led by Nelson Sepulveda, although we are still far from being able to apply it in current mobile phones, since the new device would have to be developed and implemented in all mobile phones on the market, and for this There are many steps that must be taken, including patents, permits, licenses, tests, sizes, and much more.

Be that as it may, we are closer to being able to use our body movements to recharge our own devices.