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The parcel delivery drones arrive in France


It is not long (relatively little) for thousands of drones to circulate over our heads delivering packages and letters in general. The technology is practically ready, now lacking more details related to laws and insurance, since having a package of more than 2 kilos flying over our heads can be a source of accidents that somehow have to be eliminated.

Now it has been the regulator of the airspace of France who has authorized the use of drones to deliver packages, but for the moment only on a route of just over 10 km, once a week, in the southern region of Provence, more as evidence that as utility.

The project does it DPDgroup, an international subsidiary of the French postal service Le Groupe La Poste, as stated in arstechnica, and offer parcel collection service in a region with quite a few technology companies.

The firm is particularly interested in using drones to deliver packages to remote areas, such as mountain towns, islands, and rural areas, so there is no forecast to have drones flying over Paris.

After 600 hours of flight, the drone apparently achieved autonomous delivery over a distance of 8.7 miles, carrying a 1.5 kg package a year ago, thus competing with the service Amazon offers in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and which carried out its first delivery last week.

The French drone has a range of up to 20km and can carry a payload of 3kg at a maximum speed of 30km / h, and is equipped with a parachute, in case of emergency.