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The organic reach of content on Facebook drops more than 40%


At the beginning of this month, we already informed you about the Facebook announcement in which he explained that he has just carried out the modification of the algorithm of the walls of the pages to decrease the organic content in them in order to offer only the contents that They can be considered more relevant and quality to the detriment of the rest, under the idea of ​​improving the user experience when consuming the content offered to them.

In this sense, Inside Facebook has just published some results of a series of studies carried out to understand the behaviors experienced by the Facebook pages, also echoing that in some cases, the fall of the organic reach has become more than 40%, generally experiencing a greater than originally anticipated, in addition to which this fact has been taking place for months.

Among the studies cited is the one carried out by the digital marketing company Komfo, concluding that there is no more free way, so that sellers will have to invest money in advertising, just as they do in other ways. , if they want to reach their proper audience. It also adds the improvements experienced in the walls as a result of the modification of the algorithm, improving the contents of the pages to its closest users.

Ignite Social Media has also carried out its own study, seeing a significant drop in the organic reach, reaching an average of 44% on average, although only one page of the 21 pages analyzed by the major brands has had a certain increase in the organic scope, and only two pages saw the users participating increase.

In his blog post, he indicates that it would be unlikely that the change in the algorithm would respond to the intention of punishing the content generated by the brands themselves, since it would be unwise to do so considering the attractiveness of the mixture for the brands. of the organic contents together with the paid ones. While you acknowledge that Facebook has the right to make adjustments to its algorithm, these changes should be based on the content itself, rather than rules that are based on a suspicious sudden interest in users wanting to see more news articles on their walls. . They expect brands to see performance problems and remedy it, although it indicates that the change made comes at a time when brands and agencies have already set forth their strategies and budgets for 2014 that they will have to change quickly.