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The old states of WhatsApp are back

WhatsApp for iPhone is updated in a big way: notifications, files ...

WhatsApp for iPhone is updated in a big way: notifications, files ...

After the stir with the WhatsApp status, the messaging app is updated again to bring back the old states.

Update: WhatsApp has confirmed that the old states are officially available again. They will reach everyone again in the next few days.

Facebook, WhatsApp and company continue their tests and the truth is that the States of WhatsApp have had a much lower reception than the Stories of Instagram or Facebook, or at least those are the feelings that the users detach, who see how the tab of States of the application is virtually deserted.

WhatsApp States with photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours replaced the old states, those simple phrases that we can personalize by writing what we want, but now are back and you can activate them again.

How to have the old WhatsApp status

As the companions of The Free Android tell us, the latest version of WhatsApp that has been updated today corresponding to the public beta brings back the old WhatsApp states. We can access them from where they have always been, inside our profile sheet (in WhatsApp Settings, where we usually change the profile photo).


These WhatsApp states appear again in the application in your version 2.17.95, which right now corresponds to the beta that everyone can access. If you want to have it for try all the news before they reach the whole world you can enter here:

In the same way, you can also download the APK of the latest version of the application directly to Android.

If you are already in the public beta, it means that you will be able to reach everyone through an official update in the official Android and iOS app stores. That is, the return of these states does not mean that the new WhatsApp status, here we tell you some tricks to master them.