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The next WhatsApp you receive may be sent by a company

Forget about using WhatsApp on these phones from January 1

Forget about using WhatsApp on these phones from January 1

WhatsApp is preparing a new tool that will allow companies to provide technical support and commercial information through its platform and in the process serve to monetize the service.

According to information published by Reuters, Facebook has finally found a business model with which it intends to recover the 19,000 million dollars that it paid on its day by WhatsApp. After withdrawing the annual payment of 0.99, the idea is earn money by offering payment tools that make it easier for companies to communicate with their customers. In this way, the next incident you have with your router or boiler can be solved with something as simple as a wasap.

The tests are being carried out with several Y Combinator companies, one of the most powerful accelerators in Silicon Valley and from which companies such as Dropbox or Airbnb have emerged. One of them is Cowlar Inc, which makes collars for cow tracking. According to Umer Ilyas, one of the founders of the company, the first tests are still being carried out but the system is highly expected in areas where WhatsApp has a great influence.

Many of these tests would be carried out through the API that the company announced it was building. At the time examples such as report the fraudulent use of a card to the bank or receive information about a flight delay. According to Forbes, WhatsApp could also be testing a variant called WhatsApp Business with the same goal in India, one of the countries with the most users.

Whatsapp is officially the new SMS

Although in the United States WhatsApp continues to happen a little unnoticed, in countries of Latin America and Europe has become the king of the messenger. You just have to take a look at the panorama in Spain, where his name has become a synonym for a message and those who do not use the service are easily excluded from social life.