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The news of the Creators Update that Microsoft showed without us noticing

Windows 10 updates won't take long to download now

Windows 10 updates won't take long to download now

The videos published by Microsoft reveal the news from the Creators Update that did not appear at the event.

Yesterday Microsoft had little more than two hours to present many things; so it was inevitable that he would focus on some aspects and leave others aside.

Although it may seem that the Creators Update only brings three great innovations, the reality is different. 3D creation, games and connectivity were the three stars of the event, but the Creators Update brings more.

The Creators Update news that appeared briefly

We know that for two reasons; First, that Windows Insider allows us to see in advance what Microsoft is working on. And second, that the company itself showed some of these news, fleetingly.

What’s new in this video:

Do you want more? Here’s another one:

Has it become clear to you? Well, okay, everything happens too fast to see anything; but if we go frame by frame, we can see some interesting details.

New Windows Defender

To defend receiving a necessary change of style. The interface seems simplified and easier to use.

Preview of all Edge tabs

So far if you hover your mouse over a tab, you’ll see its contents. In Creators Update you can also press this button to preview all the tabs.

Save tabs for later

In Edge we can tell Cortana to save us tabs that we don’t want to have open now.

Download themes from Windows Store

Now we can customize Windows using themes uploaded to the Store.

Improved customization

Related to the latter, we will have more possibilities to customize the desktop. There is even a video, in the upper right, that shows us how to do it.

New activity center

The notification center expands, adapting somewhat better to the desktop and gathering everything we need.

Improved quick actions

In the notification center we will have control over more sections. For example, in quick actions we can change the brightness of the screen.

Groove Music Maker

A new default app in Windows 10; As its name suggests, Groove Music Maker will allow us to create music.