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The new iPhone looks luxurious in these new renders

The new iPhone looks luxurious in these new renders

The new iPhone looks luxurious in these new renders

These images of the new iPhone are not real, but they give us an idea of ​​how to be.

As usually happens at this point in the generation, the amount of rumors and leaks of the new iPhone is overwhelming. So much so that it can be difficult to keep track of what the device is supposed to be like.

Fortunately, Benjamin Geskin can help us with that; The controversial designer is famous for his rendered images based on the rumors circulating.

Although it is easy to find many of these renders online, Gesking’s stand out from the rest for their quality. To the point that sometimes they can go through real products.

Images of the new iPhone that look real

It is thanks to this quality that we can enjoy images of what the new iPhone will be, which it’s probably called iPhone 8. Being an important model when celebrating the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone; Although it will not be the only iPhone that comes out this year, since the usual cycle will continue with improved versions of the iPhone 7.

That is why Apple has thrown the house out the window, developing many new features that will make the price of the device exceed 1000 dollars. From an OLED screen that covers most of the front, to a new dual camera.

The renders that Geskin has published this time include some of these news, and the result is spectacular. In black, the iPhone 8 has an amazing presence, although there are some details that hint at the problems Apple is going through.

A device that reflects Apple’s problems and achievements

For example, the dual camera still sticks out of the device, despite changing the layout. So it’s surprising that Gesking didn’t include the fingerprint reader on the back of the device; according to the latest information, Apple had trouble integrating it on the screen as you wanted; So you had no choice but to create a new back cover with the integrated reader.

However, according to Gesking, Apple believes that it can overcome these difficulties, and finally the reader will come integrated in the screen; Thanks to this, the screen extends over the entire front.

The downside is that to get it, you’ll have to delay the release date even more. Now working with a launch window from October to November this year, so it will be an anniversary iPhone for very little.

Of course, we should not take these images as the final design; Surely from here to the end of the year many things can happen.