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The new Facebook buttons and the stars on the pages

botones de Facebook

Little by little the web is filling up with new buttons to share content on Facebook or indicate that we like something specific. And I say little by little because we are talking about buttons that are viewed more than 22 billion times each day, installed on approximately 7.5 million websites around the planet.

A static change of these characteristics (you can see examples in the image above) should not be extremely difficult to carry out, but when it affects such a large number of pages it is normal to carry it out progressively (in fact we have already seen during the last few weeks how the new button appeared on some websites).

Those responsible for the pages do not have to make any changes, the new design will be implemented automatically, as they comment on the Facebook developer blog, where they comment that the share button now allow to add a comment before sending it to your Facebook account.

Some media are reporting that the new button collects more I like than the previous one, some comment that it is for its color, darker, although it is surely for the novelty. Readers find something different and want to try it, it is very possible that in a few days this avalanche of new clicks will return to its normal rhythm.

And it seems like it’s not just the buttons that Facebook is changing. A few minutes ago they commented on Techcrunch that a function is being tested so that users can vote for brand pages using the classic system of the five stars, something that can help to know the global feeling about a specific brand, although it does not offer much information. about the pros and cons of each.

These tests, detected by users at random, are not always implemented globally, sometimes they just want to see the effect on a few thousand (or millions) of users to see if they offer something positive, both for pages and profiles. personal.