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The new Dropbox for Business allows linking with personal accounts and other features

Dropbox will allow linking personal accounts with professionals on April 9

Dropbox has wanted to remedy the fact that its corporate users want to have their personal files at work and their professional files at home, in addition to their professional and personal files respectively, so that to date, they had no other solution than toggle between professional and professional accounts.

That is why they have just launched their new Dropbox for Business (Dropbox for Business) under the idea of ​​unifying access to personal and professional files under the same account, in whose ad they put as an example having personal and work keys on the same keychain. Basically, they allow you to connect your personal Dropbox accounts with your corporate accounts, allowing access to personal and professional files under the same identification, arranging each material in the right place in an intelligent way.

Having 4 million companies using its services, and 97% of Fortune 500 companies as well, this is a smart solution that ends having to switch between different accounts, making all files accessible both at the desktop and through mobile devices, thus improving productivity.

But that does not end there, since new features are included in the new Dropbox for business: * Sharing audit logs to have more visibility and control in the exchange and access to company data by auditing the flow itself. Data. * Remote deletion by which administrators can delete Dropbox folders on computers and mobile devices, especially designed in the event of loss of devices or that employers stop working in their own companies. * Account transfer allows administrators to transfer all files of casual workers on other team members.

Starting this month, this new version of Dropbox for business will be incorporated for corporate clients, where Dropbox itself invites you to register to be the first to access the new features.