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The new AdSense interface, now available to all publishers

The new AdSense interface, now available to all publishers

Although I have been working with the new adsense interface for a few weeks now, it seems that it has only now been made public to all publishers.

In Inside adsense (Google’s official blog), they comment on some important points about this new work panel:

– We can create even more detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type and offer type to get total revenue and other related values ​​for a custom period.

– In the new tab on performance reports we have graphs of the data. We can quickly see impressions, clicks, and revenue in a single chart, compare the performance of text ads to that of display ads, compare time frames, and easily analyze data to identify trends.

– We can filter the ads of certain advertisers, categories and ad networks in a simple way, as well as review and manage the ads that have been targeted by location on our sites.

– We can instantly consult information about income and payments, search for relevant functions and modify the account parameters. In addition, we will have relevant help and other resources, such as videos or blog posts, so that we do not have to search for the information outside of the account.

Visit for other videos, including a guided tour of the new interface, information on new features, and a getting started guide.

Here I leave you with the video, subtitled in Spanish, with the history of this new interface: