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The Netflix of applications for Mac: dozens of apps for less than € 10 a month

The Netflix of applications for Mac: dozens of apps for less than € 10 a month

The Netflix of applications for Mac: dozens of apps for less than € 10 a month

More than 60 applications for Mac for less than 10 a month, that’s right Setapp, a Sportify type service, but of apps.

Users have welcomed the subscription services that, in exchange for a monthly payment, they offer us varied content and that to enjoy it individually we would have to pay a much greater amount.

For example, it is the case of Spotify, which with 9.99 a month we have unlimited and ad-free access to a huge music catalog, or Netflix, which has managed to change the way many people watch television, with series, movies and High quality documentaries and anywhere (especially now that it has offline mode) for a price that starts at 7.99 a month. Setapp adopts that same model, but takes you to the application arena.

A monthly payment for dozens of applications for Mac


The App Store of macOS It is full of very good applications, with an exquisite design in many cases and great functionalities, but obviously they have a price. They deserve it? Sure, but that does not mean that it is an economic effort that not all users can assume.

For example, Ulysses is a wonderful writing application, but it is priced at 44.99, CleanMyMac is a very good cleaning utility to remove any junk files from your computer and it is priced at 39.95. If we add to the end it is possible to disburse several hundreds of euros, in very good apps, that s.

Ace, Setappis a subscription service with which users have access and free use of more than 60 top-tier Mac applications for $ 9.99 a month. I mean, a monthly payment for all applicationsIt doesn’t matter if you use two, six or fifty apps.

Setapp was released a few months ago but was in beta and could only be accessed by invitation. Now it is open to everyone, anyone can pay those $ 9.99 per month and use all the applications for Mac that it includes.

More than 60 applications for Mac

What applications are those? Here you can see the full list, but it includes the ones we have mentioned before Ulysses and CleanMyMac 3 and many others like Alternote, Be Focused Pro to increase your productivity, Flume to use Instagram from Mac, Forecast Bar, Get Backup Pro and many more.

At the time of this writing they are more than 60 applications for Mac, but little by little they will add more to the service. Of course, all these applications have the support of the original developers, therefore you get updates and upgrades exactly the same as if you buy them separately.

Worth? It is a very interesting model, because it allows us to not worry about large initial payments, although in the end it will also depend on the number of apps that the user uses and whether it is worth it. In any case, the good news is that you can try it on first month totally free and see if it convinces you. All the details on the Setapp website:

Setapp, the Spotify of apps for Mac