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The most successful technology projects on Kickstarter


A 3D printer, a pen that paints in three dimensions and a Virtual Reality glasses for video games, three projects that cost $ 100,000, $ 30,000 and $ 250,000, respectively, and that they obtained more than 2 million before the end of the term specified in the crowdfunding campaign set up on Kickstarter.

The 3D Printer

From September 26, 2012 to October 26 of the same year we witnessed one of the most successful campaigns in the world of crowfunding, a printer that they now present on with the video that you can see here:

On his blog we can see new articles quite frequently, talking about both the updates made to his software and examples of 3D figures made with this printer that could not have been a reality without the collaboration of more than 2,000 people who believed in the project. From the beginning.

The 3Doodler

Surely few of you have not yet seen the video presentation of this pen that manages to paint in 3D expelling a material that solidifies in a few seconds, allowing you to perform wonders only limited by the imagination, talent and pulse of whoever uses it.

On you can see the result of a campaign that needed only 30,000 dollars and managed to raise more than 2 million in just 34 days.

The device can be purchased at that site for 99 dollars, including at that price 50 bars of the plastic necessary to paint. Deliveries will begin in February 2014.

Glasses for playing

And we come into the world gamer with a project that requested 250,000 dollars and got almost 2.5 million: Oculus Rift. Virtual reality glasses so that we can enter the games like never before.

They will start delivering the kits in the coming weeks, as you can see here, although it is clear that it is a developer kit, not for final consumption, since there are not many games compatible with this technology. They started the project with the DOOM 3 BFG game, although they hope that developers and companies specialized in development will see the possibilities that this type of device has.

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