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The most popular courses from Iversity, the European MOOC platform


With less than a month to go, Iversity has quickly become a favorite MOOC platform, reaching over 200,000 registered users.

When we shared their first courses on our October College Course List, the proposals were more than interesting. Expectations that have been met if we take into account the comments shared on social networks by users who have already started their study programs.

For example, one of the most commented and recommended on Twitter has been The Future Of Storytelling, with more than 74 thousand subscribers. A course that with a dynamic approach and a combination of different materials analyzes all the components of the narration and how new web trends influence the exposure of content.

Public Privacy: Cyber ​​Security and Human Rights joins the debate on this issue where the rights of users to data protection and privacy are exposed in the digital environment. And it has become one of the favorite proposals for users who bet on Iversity, adding a record of 25 thousand students. On the other hand, Design 101 (or Design Basics) has captured the attention of more than 30 thousand students who want to analyze from a different perspective the components of contemporary design.

Although these courses have already started, we can still register and join the community that has formed around them. They are not the only proposals in development that we will find in Iversity, so we can browse their catalog and choose a course of our interest.