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The most popular advertising videos of 2013 [Infografí­a]


From the Turkish AirLines commercial starring Kobe Bryant and Messi to the propaganda of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and recently that of Volvo trucks where Jean-Claude Van Damme showed off his tremendous and still flexible flexibility, there have been many viral advertising videos that the Brands have launched and have been able to take advantage of it on social networks throughout this year.

Well, as in the last few December, there are many rankings that are made to highlight the best of the year in this niche (eg, the one that Google leaves us in this video), so, to vary the classic mode of presentation to Through videos embedded in long articles, the people of decided to stamp in a brilliant infographic the 25 advertising videos most viewed by the world public through YouTube and 4 of the highest engagement on Facebook.

However, not only have they wanted to list them together with the specific number of reproductions that each campaign achieved, but they have also added a factor of analysis and statistics that is worth taking into account when wanting to launch new campaigns in the coming year. : the duration time of each video (measured in seconds on the left side of the image) and its correlation with popularity (represented in the infographic by the sizes of each frame).