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The most original and stupid uses of the Touch Bar of the Macbook Pro

The most original and stupid uses of the Touch Bar of the Macbook Pro

The most original and stupid uses of the Touch Bar of the Macbook Pro

In the short time that the new Macbook Pro has been on the market, the community has obtained some very interesting programs for the Touch Bar. And fools.

The renewal of the Macbook Pro would have gone somewhat unnoticed if it were not for its star functionality, the Touch Bar; This touch screen replaces the keyboard function keys and expands its possibilities.

At least in theory; in practice the Touch Bar is being used by some programs to show quick accesses or controls that we can already use. However, and as Apple showed, the Touch Bar has a lot of potential with the right mindset.

Programs for the Touch Bar that are not useful, but are entertaining

And then there is the potential to create nonsense. Applications that are not useful, but that entertain us or make us smile. These are some of those applications.


This is the last use for the Touch Bar that has gone viral. It’s called Pac-Bar, and it allows us to play classic Pac-Man at the Touch Bar.

If you have ever played Pac-Man you will know that its screen is vertical, not horizontal. The solution that its creator has come up with is interesting: only show one part of the maze at a time. When we go through a door, we unlock the next part of the maze; all this while we escape from the ghosts, of course.


I couldn’t miss an eschatological app for the Touch Bar. As its creator confesses, I’m usually the first to make a fart app when the opportunity arises, so why not? Big words.

The app does what you might expect, displaying buttons that start different dirty sounds.

TouchFart on Github


The bad thing about the Touch Bar is that we lose the function keys. The good thing is that now we can get more keys and with different shapes; like a piano, for example.

The program is not a simple joke and is quite complete; we can configure the piano with the sound of 128 different instruments. Very good to unleash our creativity.

The Chrome Dinosaur Game

Maybe you didn’t know, but Chrome has a hidden game that only appears when we don’t have an internet connection; It is a simple runner in which we have to jump obstacles, but enough to overcome the frustration of running out of network.

Now you can control the dinosaur from Chrome without disconnecting the WiFi, with this app.

A killings

If you want to control a ship and fill the space of shots you also have an option.

Its own creator says that it is a simple and buggy project, but for what it is worth for a few minutes.

Fantastic Car Light

Knight Rider, also known as The Fantastic Car, was the series that made many young people want a car; KITT, the Artificial Intelligence that commanded it was largely to blame.

Now you can get the characteristic front light; Although I warn you that it does not include the cynical comments of KITT.

KnightTouchBar2000 on Github


Do you remember Nyancat? Yes, that mix of cat, arcoris and Japanese music that was the sensation of 2011.

Well now you can enjoy nyancat all you want in your Touch Bar. Yes, it is useless, it is useless, but it is Nyancat, what else do you want?

TouchBar Nyancat on Github



Now you can make the adorable, and somewhat stupid, Lemmings run your keyboard.

Its creator assures that it is only a proof of concept, and the little beings only walk from one side to the other; but at least if you touch one you can make it stop, forming a barrier like in the original game.

Touch Bar Lemmings on Github

Telling people how bad it is in Rocket League

Rocket League is probably the first commercial game with Touch Bar support; although it has actually been implemented by a reddit fan.

Its use has nothing to do with the game. It only shows buttons with predetermined phrases like how bad you are or gg. The sentences are divided by how aggressive or positive they are.


The last straw is probably this version of Doom for the Touch Bar. After all, Doom has appeared on every platform there has been and for having, so why not the Touch Bar, its creator wondered?

The result is the answer. Considering that Doom was designed for square screens, stretching it as much does not help gameplay at all. On the other hand, if only the interface part is rendered, it looks good and may serve as a clue for future developers.