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The most important new features of Windows Creators Update

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

These are the (big) news that has come with this new second Windows update.

The Creators Update for Microsoft Windows 10 is here. Anyone who wants can download and install it this morning as long as they have brought the updates up to date, of course, but I know that a few days ago we were able to install it with the Windows 10 update tool.

Game mode

What is the game mode? Simply in a configuration where we can, apart from optimizing the system to play, improves stability in relation to framerate (what has been the refresh rate of the monitors).


Basically allocate more resources to the games we are running in the foreground than the other applications so that the refresh rate is not affected at any time.

Streaming mode

To be streamerIt has become not a fad, as that was many years ago, but now it is a lifestyle for many people. Microsoft understands this and that is why it has dedicated a large section to the video game sector.

Beam is a tool for Windows 10 and Xbox One users to broadcast your game matches in a way on-line and live. Microsoft acquired Beam in August 2016.

They assure that it is much better than YouTube or even Twitch because the latency drops from the 20 ms that we find for example on Twitch to the 5 ms that can be achieved in Beam (We don’t have enough with YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion and Facebook Live to add another one).

How good it is With this service we will only have to give the button to issue and ready. It is very simple, and apart from showing what we see on the screen we can capture the image of our camera so that they can see us.

The applications, now from the store

It is incredible but it has been rumored for a long time. The truth is Blocking the installation of applications outside the Microsft store is, in equal parts, an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand we gain in security, because in theory in the Windows store there should not bemalware Nor any type of application that can give us a bad experience, since they all go through a control (although it is very relative, everything must be said; that control, in the Android Play Store, for example, is very exhaustive).


On the other hand we lose freedom. And it is that if we think about it: if I want to install an Internet application or one that I have, for example, on a USB stick, Why can’t I if it’s my PC?

But, this has a trick, and that is that it really I know we can install any application, although not by default. There is a hidden option in the settings that allows us to activate the installation from unknown sources, something like we who are Android users have.

Paint 3D

Tired of traditional paint? The new version takes a step forward and introduces us a little more to mixed reality. In principle you are thinking for tablets or touch pens, but it can also be used from a traditional desktop or laptop.

Allows you to create almost anything in 3D. We can even change the textures and convert 2D images to 3D. On the other hand, we can also download ready-made models from the website that Microsoft has enabled for it: Remix3D.


Right now we can configure the Windows 10 theme a bit. We can even download themes from the Internet. But the truth is that it is not something that has had much hype (we have been using this option for a long time). Now with this update we have access to a fairly wide gallery of themes.


With this new option comes a new path to take advantage of Windows 10 and increase the benefits: not only will there be free themes, but there will also be issues of payment. These will not only be developed by the Redmon company, but the developersindie they will also take sides.

Picture-in-picture mode

Picture-in-picture mode consists of superimpose the importance of a window on apop up so that we can be doing two tasks at the same time (or consulting a source while doing some kind of work).


In this way, we can superimpose for example a video while writing in a Word. It is not at all like the multi-window mode, because with the latter we can interact with the two windows. The only downside is that this has to include the developer in the application itself that we want to overlay, so it could take a long time until we see it fully implemented.

Native 360 ​​degree video support


This new version of Windows 10 also offers Native support for viewing 360 degree recorded videos. We are no longer talking about images, which is something very 2012, but about videos, for which we need a camera prepared for it. Whoever has one can have native support to take advantage of this new utility.

Dynamic lock

We can configure the PC so that it is synchronized with the mobile phone and that when we leave the house the computer locks automatically. It doesn’t really work by location, but via Bluetooth. This allows it not only to be used with mobile phones with Windows 10, but we can also use an Android.

Locking and unlocking is automatic, so we will not have to enter the password or PIN when we’ll return. Just as we can pair it with a phone, we can also do it with a watch or with anything else that has Bluetooth (we may not always carry the mobile with us).