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The most common passwords of 2016 are pitiful and you shouldn't use them

Check if your password is among more than 300 million stolen with this website

Check if your password is among more than 300 million stolen with this website

Do not even think about it use any of the following passwords, at least if you care about your security and the privacy of your data.

We are already in the middle of 2017, a year in which we will continue to use a multitude of services on the Internet and we will probably buy one of the many connected smart devices that are already flooding the market. Now more than ever it is important that protect your data and that you take all the security measures within your reach to ensure the Privacy of your information.

A fundamental step is to choose strong and secure passwords, it seems obvious and that we have repeated ad nauseam, but it seems that we do not learn. We already know what the most used passwords of 2016 And, surprise, they are as unfortunate as those of 2015.

The most common passwords in 2016, DO NOT use them

The Keeper security company (which offers, among other products, a password manager) has published its annual password study. Specifically, they have analyzed 10 million passwords from the multiple attacks and security breaches that different services have suffered during the past year.

What do you think the most used password? Indeed, 123456. We have no forgiveness.

17% of the users in the sample used 123456 as a password, but the rest of the most used ranking is no less regrettable: 123456789, qwerty, 111111, password and many other combinations that you should never use.

These are the 25 most common passwords of 2016:


Can be busted in seconds

Most of the passwords on this list can be busted in just a few seconds today, leaving the accounts they are associated with totally unprotected. If you use any of them, change it now, remember to use a variety of characters and avoid words that can be discovered in an instant with the use of dictionaries. Another solution to generate strong and secure passwords is to use a manager:

Among the 25 most common there are cases that, at first glance, seem very secure, such as 18atcskd2w, how has that password become common? Everything indicates that it is not among humans, security experts claim that these types of passwords have been selected en masse by bots to create SPAM accounts.

Probably the list of most used passwords of 2017 is very similar to this, it seems that we do not learn and then we will be surprised when we lose our accounts and data stored in them.