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The meteorological data of Spain are now freely accessible and free

This is reported on the SINC Platform, where they communicate that the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has made public its new policy on meteorological and climatological data, making available the real-time observation data from more than 200 observatories throughout Spain, the daily summaries of more than 600 observation stations of the surface networks, the data diaries from the networks for measuring solar radiation and ozone, the outputs of numerical prediction models, as well as the climatological data from more than 100 observatories with series that sometimes begin in the 20s of the 20th century.

According to Rosa Aguilar, Minister of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM):

This information of high strategic and social value will make it possible to promote and facilitate the line of research and high added value services, and contribute by this will boost activity sectors with great potential

Having these data freely and for free allows creating programs that use them, accessing the databases of the available observatories. Having data in real time from observatories and networks of roads and rays can help to program preventive activities in case of adverse phenomena.

AENET reports:

Access to free information is carried out by electronic means. The web page notably increases its content of observation data ( while a file server is put into operation (ftp: // ftpdatos. which is accessed both directly and through the Data server link on the website itself and in which, in a first phase, the following is available:

* Ten-minute data from some 250 AEMET surface network observation stations. * Daily summaries of more than 600 AEMET surface network observation stations. * Hourly data on solar radiation from the AEMET measurement network. * Daily total ozone data and weekly ozone surveys * Ten-minute data from radar and lightning detection networks at fifteen-minute intervals * Numerical outputs of the HIRLAM-AEMET numerical prediction model updated four times a day (more than 1000 fields per output) * Complete series of daily and monthly summaries of about 110 selected weather stations that are at least 15 years old.

Certainly good news for those who are always thinking of data sources for new applications.