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The map with WiFi networks and airport codes from around the world

The map with WiFi networks and airport codes from around the world

The map with WiFi networks and airport codes from around the world

Internetest collaborating to create a map with networks and passwords from all airports.

A classic, you are in an airport and there is no way to find the WiFi network or, directly, to find the password. In some cases you have to provide data such as a country phone number to access the network, and of course, if we are abroad this is complicated.

Usually they airport networks and public spaces They are not usually a wonder, so if we are in our country the usual thing is to pull data connection, also, we already know that public networks they’re not exactly ultra-secure. In any case, when we have no choice, they can get us out of trouble (or hang out until our gate opens).

Airport WiFi networks and their passwords

In order to make connecting a simpler task, blogger and engineer Anil Polat had the idea of ​​collecting the networks and keys of all the airports through which it passed. Obviously a single person can’t do it, can’t go around the whole world, so he turned to the Internet and the idea curdled.

Ace, travelers and people from all over the planet have been sending you the data of wireless airport networks. Now, all that information has been captured in agoogle map maps, being easier than ever to navigate through the different countries.

Just click on each plane to see the network (or networks) with your specific airport code. You can also access it from the link to save it in favorites.

Simple and directAlthough it still needs to improve because there are not all the airports in the world. In the case of Spain we have Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Alicante, Mlaga, Seville and Jerez. It’s a matter of time that they keep growing, after all, it is based on the contributions of users so you can also contribute your granite.

If you know any, you can leave it on the blog of its creator, send an email or start it on social networks, everything explains it in this entry. This airport Wi-Fi map is also available in the form of mobile application.

Is namedWiFoxand you can download it on iOS and Android with a price of 2.19. Something that must also be taken into account is that in some cases what appears are not the general networks of the airport, but may be from local and coffee shops of the terminals, so depending on the area it may not reach you.