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The malware that forces you to get high score in a game to recover your files

The malware that forces you to get high score in a game to recover your files

The malware that forces you to get high score in a game to recover your files

A new malware with video game included is the latest crazy idea from hackers.

In Omicrono We have talked a lot about ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts our files and asks us for a ransom to recover them.

Ransomware, the malware that hijacks your files


Normally the ransom involves paying in Bitcoin to prevent the transfer from being tracked; But there are also more strange cases, in which the creators of the code look for some kind of achievement or that the users do something concrete.

The most curious case so far perhaps was ransomware that forced us to learn how to protect ourselves from ransomware. However, the latest malware that is prowling the Internet far outweighs it.

RensenWare, the video game malware included

It’s called RensenWare, and it’s become quite a sensation on social media for the wrong reasons. When we are infected, it works exactly like other ransomware, encrypting all files with certain extensions.

Then a window informs the user that he has been infected, and that you still have a chance to get your files back; but this is where RensenWare differs from other ransomware.

The creator does not ask for our money; instead he asks us to let’s play a video game and get a high score. If you are thinking that this is not a problem, it is because you do not know the game in question: TH12 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.

This title belongs to the Touhou saga, a series of shooters very popular mainly among manga and anime fans; the amount of art, comics, video games and videos based on the Touhou characters is overwhelming, but the most interesting thing is that the Most have been created by the fans, for the fans.

A hell of bullets to get your files back

Another thing you should know about Touhou’s games are difficult. VERY difficult. They belong to a sub-genre known as bullet hell, in which the screen fills with projectiles that we have to dodge while we continue shooting.

Only skilled players are able to remain calm, especially at the highest levels of difficulty. And that’s what RensenWare wants you to play.

RensenWare only decrypt your files if you get 200 million points in the LUNATIC difficulty level (the highest of all). That is simply impossible for most players, let alone if we only play casual titles.

If you think this is too cruel, you are right. Turns out actually from the beginning all this was a joke of its creator, which got out of hand. He claims that his intention was not to create malware, although in the end that was what he did.

The creator of RensenWare already has publicly apologized; and has published a tool that hacks the game to obtain the amount of points necessary to decrypt the files.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done and the code has already been copied and is being distributed over the network. So now you know, be careful what you install; Or you may have to face the game of your life.