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The main alternative to Ubuntu has a new version that you should consider

The main alternative to Ubuntu has a new version that you should consider

The main alternative to Ubuntu has a new version that you should consider

With Linux Mint Serena, the alternative distro to Ubuntu presents good reasons to make the leap.

Although Ubuntu is one of the most influential distros in Linux history, that does not mean it is for everyone. Precisely the Linux Mint project was born because many people wanted the same as Ubuntu, but different.

Linux Mint, the alternative to Ubuntu

Therefore, Linux Mint starts from the same Ubuntu base and uses the same packages and repositories; but it includes some modifications and changes that you may like if you tried Ubuntu and you don’t like it.

The main change is the desktop environment Cinnamon, who has already matured enough. Part of a classic scheme, with the taskbar at the bottom and the start menu in the corner; Unity desktop experiments are left out.

In addition, we can also choose the version with the MATE desktop; It is based on the veteran Gnome 2 and is therefore ideal if we have modest teams.

As soon as you are up to date with Linux today, you will surely know all of that. So, Why is now the time to make the jump to Linux Mint?

LTS, the three letters that make Linux Mint Serena the version to consider

Well, because Linux Mint 18.1, called Serena, has been released today; It is not very different from version 18 that we already recommended at the time, except in one important detail, it is a version based on Ubuntu 16.04, which has LTS support.

LTS means receiving long-term support; specific, Linux Mint 18.1 receive security updates until 2021.

LTS versions are not only supported for a longer time, but also tend to be more stable andsafe. Innovations and big news (which could lead to crashes) are saved for non-LTS versions.

So this is probably the best time to try Linux Mint, when the experience is more likely to be better.

The negative point is that the novelties regarding Linux Mint 18 are few, viz.

  • A new screensaver that allows you to display information such as the music that is playing.
  • New animations for the menus.
  • Possibility of placing panels on the desktop vertically.
  • Improvements in X-Apps, the own applications of Linux Mint, such as the search in the note editor.

Download Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 32 bit

Download Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64 bit

Download Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 32 bit

Download Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 64 bits