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The luxury application used by the most famous soccer players

The luxury application used by the most famous soccer players

The luxury application used by the most famous soccer players

It seems that a company has seen the vein left by phones like Vertu with the move to smartphones. We present to you the ostentatious luxury application for footballers that has reached the covers of sports media, CD Live.

Before the smartphone fever came, there were phones exclusive. And beware, we are not talking about exclusives because its casing was covered with precious stones, which too. We talk about phones always connected with a personal assistant. What’s wrong twine and you want theater tickets or a reservation at a good restaurant? You call your assistant and you’re done.

All that was lost in a way with the move to smartphones. Sure, there are Swarovski or gold cases to put on our iPhone, but Siri, Google Now or Cortana are far from being the luxury assistant that millionaires are looking for. So said and done: a company called Sportsman’s Club has entered to fill that gap. Of course, focused on the field of professional sports.

The latest from the latest for lite footballers

The company does not mince words: they describe themselves as a company that unites football and luxury. We just have to go to the cover of their website to check it: caviar creams, watches, high-end vehicles, and even luxury aircraft rentals. They also claim to provide comprehensive advisory services, always under the parameters of commitment and confidentiality.

His is the application we are talking about in these lines: CD Live. The application is sold as a place where managing professional life, leisure and personal issues. In addition to consulting and access to luxury services, she focuses on soccer. When are the trainings, the matches, the results and the press covers, in short.

The application has become popular due to its appearance in sports media like Marca. That’s where we can see what the users of the application are asking for the most: more than 190 cars, furnishing a house, shopping routes and, perhaps being the most eccentric, go to the filming of Game of Thrones. _ () _ /

The application is available for Android and iOS, both on Google Play and on the App Store. But before you run to download it, you couldn’t do much without an invitation code. Among current users we find names such as Sal guez or Raphael Varane. And at the moment it seems to be limited to the first division of Spanish football.

Personal assistants on the smartphone: do they have a gap?

Moving away from the application, it is true that services of this style are lacking that differentiate a phone. Google Now or Siri do the job of automating tasks or performing them by voice, but they are far from being a full personal assistant. And all this without putting luxury in the equation, something that virtual assistants neither achieve nor intend to achieve.

We can buy a Vertu with Android and do the same, but can this idea be extended to an application for any iPhone or Android? Is there room for luxury attendees in ordinary smartphones?And in any case, may we have virtual assistants dedicated to millionaires in the future?