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The lightest and simplest torrent downloader you can use

The lightest and simplest torrent downloader you can use

The lightest and simplest torrent downloader you can use

PicoTorrent is a new lightweight torrent program that only takes a few months to develop but is already targeting ways.

If we want to download torrents, we have a huge variety of programs at our disposal, regardless of the operating system we use, but it is precisely thanks to that variety that it can be difficult to opt for one or the other.

Above all, it is difficult to find simple programs that have an interface that does not seem designed in the last century and do not overwhelm us with options. It is true that if you know what you are doing, it is much better to use the most complete program possible to take advantage of your connection, but not everyone is willing to go through that and opt for direct downloads, as has already been demonstrated.

A lightweight torrent program that meets what is proposed

Now PicoTorrent arrives to demonstrate that it is possible download files by torrent easily and without leaving your eyes on the interface.

Notice to boaters: this is a program that is still in development and has only reached version 0.10 for now, but that is perfectly usable as it is. That is, expect to find some bugs; While testing it, the program crashed a couple of times and did not let me add torrent files, only by magnet links.

Even in this early version in development, we can see the basics of what the final program will be,occupying as little memory as possible (less than 30 MB in full download) and a modern interface. As soon as we download and run it we will find the list of torrents.

If we click on File, we can add new torrents or magnet links; we just have to indicate where we want to save them, and the program will take care of the rest.

In the interface there are no big buttons to control torrents, as we see in other programs, but it all depends on the contextual menu that appears when you press the right mouse button. There we can pause the torrents, prioritize the ones we want to download earlier, or change the directory in which they are saved.

In the preferences menu is where we find the juice of the program, with options to limit the download and upload speed and the possibility of the program starting with Windows startup. No, It is not exactly the most complete configuration menu that we have seen, but it is enough to use the program.

PicoTorrent will not surprise you if you come from more complete programs like QBittorrent, but If you are looking for a thin client with potential, it may be the best option. If it isn’t (or you use a different Windows operating system), you will always have more options to try.

Download PicoTorrent for Windows