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The latest technique to steal your credit card data

The latest technique to steal your credit card data

The latest technique to steal your credit card data

Beware, criminals have a new technique for steal your credit card details and it is practically undetectable.

Technology is used both to advance towards a better society, and to innovate in bad arts such as theft of personal information. An action as simple and common in our day to day as it can be to withdraw money from an ATM or to pass the credit card through a dataphone or a POS terminal can end up with the data of our card in the hands of a friend of others.

This is not exactly new, the credit card fraud They exist precisely since the cards themselves exist and there are many types, although in recent years the so-called skimming became popular, different methods to obtain both the card’s data and the access codes of the clients.

Of the skimming to the shimmers: techniques to steal card data

This has been done with different techniques, from placing hidden cameras in ATMs to magnetic readers installed inside. Authorities are now alerting to the evolution of skimming and calling it shimmers, ultra-thin devices and virtually undetectable on sight that are housed inside the card readers.

As can be seen from the images, shimmers are plates with a miniscule size, smaller than the standard size of cards and capable of stick inside the card slot at ATMs automatic, data phones and other payment machines of establishment.

As we read on TechCrunch, the shimmers are not a novelty either, but in recent months the authorities have seen how their popularity has grown and in Canada they have already been detected in many places, who had no idea how these chips had arrived to the inside the payment terminals.

Is there a way to avoid card theft?

When placing between the card reader and the chip From the card itself, the shimmer collects the information at the moment the user enters it and will serve to create clones of magnetic stripe cards.

On the other hand, the way that the thieves have to recover all the information that the devices have stored would be introducing a special card, so the process would also be invisible, as if one more customer was using the ATM. Now if it is impossible to detect the shimmer At first glance, how can we avoid falling into the trap?

They warn that before any strange action, such as the card getting stuck or stuck, we inform the owners of the premises or the entity of the ATM. Likewise, the way to avoid introducing the card is to use contactless or contactless payment methods, including the different services of mobile payments that are already on the market, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or the banks’ own systems.