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The keys to the WhatsApp vulnerability, have my conversations been leaked?

China blocks WhatsApp completely

China blocks WhatsApp completely

A simple image could have hacked millions of accounts WhatsApp and TelegramFind out what this vulnerability is.

WhatsApp and Telegram, Telegram and WhatsApp, two of the most widely known and used messaging apps on the planet, contain the conversations of hundreds of millions of chats and groups. Users rely on this communication channel to send messages and share all kinds of content, such as images or videos.

That is why the security These applications also matter and developers are implementing new improvements that minimize hacking, such as the implementation of end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp added a few months ago.

The vulnerability that exposed millions of users

Unfortunately, there are always failures that can end up in potentials vulnerabilities and the last known one affected both WhatsApp and Telegram, what happened?

Have WhatsApp and Telegram been hacked?

No, no services have been hacked.

Company researchers Check pointThey have discovered a vulnerability that affected these two applications.

What did it consist of?

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have web version (That is, users can use messaging services through the computer’s browser).

The vulnerability allows any attacker to send an image with malicious code that at first glance seems like one more image. By opening it up, the attacker could have access to all user data.

What data?

The researchers claim that there will be almost total access: all the conversations, profile information, all Photos sent at some point and even the list of contacts.

Go messed up, and what do I do?

Nothing, as a user you don’t have to do anything. Luckily, this vulnerability exposed by the company Check Point already has been solved.

It was discovered on March 8 and the company alerted the messenger services, whose development teams ended vulnerability by locating the hole.

So, if you use WhatsApp Web or the Telegram version in the browser, the only thing you should do is reload the tab And that’s it, something you’ve probably already done in recent days.

Have they been affected?

No, both companies have ensured that this vulnerability it had not been exploited until the moment of being discovered.

In addition, in the case of Telegram, they have published a clarification of the matter.

In short, vulnerability has been discovered in time, but that does not mean that it did not exist, just as there may be others that are not yet known.

Of course, the main advice that never fails is still valid in this case: be wary of messages, links and files that come from unknown sources, either by WhatsApp, SMS (as in the recent case of the Treasury scam) or by email.