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The iPhone 8 would have dual vertical camera and integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen

The iPhone 8 would have dual vertical camera and integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen

The iPhone 8 would have dual vertical camera and integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen

A new image has been leaked where we can see the iPhone 8 without borders, with curved frames and without Touch ID.

2017 is the year of phones without front buttons, with curved frames and without borders. It seems that either all the companies have agreed, or that they have spied on each other and in the end all the designs have ended up coinciding. Be that as it may, the trend is clear: without front buttons, without margins and rounded corners, like the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 that we have already seen.

It would not be surprising if Apple decided to delete the ID, which is not only a good tool for using the iPhone and iPad, but also has become a very significant identity sea. So much so that they use it in patents and in utility models to identify their devices (remember that Samsung has had many legal problems for plagiarizing the screen-button scheme, among other things, of course).

And the fingerprint sensor?

Chances are that if you finally end up removing the Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor disappears. Apple has already manifested itself and dropped that the fingerprint sensor, while there is some better biometric method (in this case the iris sensor), does not make sense; for although it is more comfortable than non-biometric methods, there are better ones.

On the other hand also there is talk of a fingerprint sensor built into the screen itself, very loSynaptics (company bought by Samsung that is dedicated to designing and manufacturing screens with integrated fingerprint sensors). What is clear is that the fingerprint sensor would not be on the back of the terminal, since at least the filtered image is not appreciated.

Apple this time is more jealously guarding the information about its new terminal.And they do not want that, as it happens with the most important Android manufacturers, everything ends up being filtered and they do not have anything special on the day of the presentation. Although, as we see, they may not have the ability to keep the rumors as long as they thought.

Suspiciously similar to the bq Aquaris x5

Many times some companies are accused of copying others. Many others cannot even sue the copy being clear. This is the case, for example, of the Xiaomi, which is a shameless copy of the iPhone mixed with other devices. The point is that This new iPhone X looks very suspicious to the bq Aquaris x5.

Of course we do not imply that it is a copy, but I do know that they could have been inspired. And is that the only difference is the location of the grimaces, which in the bq are at the bottom, while in the alleged iPhone would be on the sides. Rest, the location of the camera and the logo They make us think that there are many coincidences.

Updated: The image is false

As Alex Dobie of Android Central has revealed, the image of the alleged iPhone 8 that circulates on the network is false. In Chinese, you can read This image is completely fictional.