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The IFTTT for the desktop that allows you to automate Windows

The IFTTT for the desktop that allows you to automate Windows

The IFTTT for the desktop that allows you to automate Windows

If you are looking for an automation tool for Windows, Ellp could be a great solution. It is still in beta, but it has a great future.

You probably already know IFTTT. The web automation service that allows you perform a task automatically when something previously specified happens in any other service. It is a very useful tool for anyone who regularly works with various web services. If you have tried it, you are probably missing a similar tool for other environments.

Ellp is a beta application of automation for Windows IFTTT style. It is still taking its first steps and does not have many possibilities, but the concept is good and it is worth paying attention to its evolution.

Automation for Windows IFTTT style

For the moment, Ellp does not allow you to create your own automation recipes, but the possible combinations are already predetermined. In any case, looking at the application’s approach, it is likely that as they add possibilities they will allow you to combine different conditions and behaviors to your liking.

For now they have 10 combinations available. Among them there are some interesting ones like an automatic cleaning of the hard disk when it exceeds 85% of its capacity, daily cleaning of files that the browser saves and can compromise your privacy, or open a web automatically when you turn on the computer.

Get all new cards

When you run Ellp for the first time, you have to be vigilant, as it will ask your email if you want to receive all the new cards that are added to the beta. This is very interesting, since probably the application will grow much in possibilities in the future.

For now, Ellp already has some very interesting functions that are worth installing. In the future it could become the automation tool for Windows that we need. Just expand your possible actions and allow to create custom combinations.

Download Ellp beta here