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The huge list of new features that the Windows 10 Creators Update will bring

The huge list of new features that the Windows 10 Creators Update will bring

The huge list of new features that the Windows 10 Creators Update will bring

Microsoft has published the list of news from the Creators Update of Windows 10, and it must be said that it is quite complete.

Since Microsoft changed the way it performs updates, we no longer enjoy so-called service packs; but nothing happens, because now each annual update seems the same or even bigger.

What’s New in Windows 10 Creators Update

The next Creators Update is a good example; It is expected for the first months of this year, and we already knew that it was going to bring interesting news. What we did not expect is that today Microsoft told us that, in reality, that is only the beginning.

The latest from the Creators Update that we put out below come with version 15002 that Windows Insider users will receive; some have already been rumored, others are completely new. We only put the most interesting ones, but there are many more changes, most minor ones.

Custom folders in the start menu


The tiles in the start menu can now be grouped into folders. At a glance we will see small icons that indicate their content, and if we click, the apps that we have saved there will appear.

To create the folder we just have to drag one tile on top of another.

New share menu


Sharing content is now easier and more intuitive. The menu is more focused on sharing with other apps and changing depending on the app from which we call it.

Capture an area of ​​the screen

Now we can capture an area of ​​the screen by pressing Win + Shift + S; The image will be copied to the clipboard and we can use it in Onenote or in any program.

Now using VPNs will be easier

The network tool in the taskbar will now allow us to connect to a VPN with one click; this way we don’t have to look for the configuration every time we want to browse with another IP, for example.

Edge now has a tab preview


With a click we can see the appearance of all open tabs. This is a functionality that we have already seen in other alternative browsers, but the inclusion is appreciated.

Clean the tab bar with a button


If we are overwhelmed with tabs, we can now press a button on Edge; the tabs will move to a new screen, wiping the bar clean. At any time we can retrieve the tabs we had saved.

Default Flash Lock


Edge joins other browsers and does not run Adobe Flash unless expressly approved by us.

Web payments using Microsoft Wallet


Thanks to the new payment API, we can now use Microsoft Wallet to make payments on web pages; all this safely and without giving our credit card to the web.

Discovering what you can do with Cortana is easier

Cortana can be a great help, but only if you know what commands to use with your applications; Now Cortana show suggestions for orders of the apps that we have installed.

Windows Defender improved

To defend receiving a facelift, which will also bring changes. In addition to looking for threats, Defender may analyze the state of your computer and check if you have lost performance.

A new option allow us to refresh Windows; In other words, reinstall and update Windows without deleting our files but removing the installed apps.

Configuration with more information


The Configuration windows will offer more information to the user about what each option does. Related links will appear on the right side.

Some things are also moving around. Apps are no longer within System but in their own section, and Bluetooth and other wireless connections are now together.


The display settings have also been improved, including the ability to change the resolution directly from here.

Blue light control to improve sleep


This functionality does the same thing as programs like f.lux. Although its real usefulness has been much discussed, now we will have the opportunity to test it in a new menu.

The blue screen is now the green screen


This change only affects Windows Insider users, so we won’t see it when the Creators Update comes out. It is still curious, however.