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The Hide and Seek Championship to be held in a ghost town

The Hide and Seek Championship to be held in a ghost town

The Hide and Seek Championship to be held in a ghost town

The next hide and seek competition will be held in the abandoned city of Consonno. Yes, from hiding, that same game you played as a child.

With the Olympics just over, competition fans will have to wait for national and continental competitions to see the athletes in action again, or you can stop by on 3 and 4 September in northern Italy to watch the Olympics Games. Hiding place.

Although it appears that this article has escaped from El Mundo Today, The Hideout is also the protagonist of a very popular competition that this year will celebrate the sixth edition. Imagine the typical hideaway, but played by highly trained adults.

Hide and seek competition for training

Yes, you need to train to play hide and seek, and above all you need physical fitness and coordination with your team. Participants have been preparing for this event throughout the year, developing tactics to surprise the opponent and getting the necessary equipment such as camouflage clothing.

It seems exaggerated, but the organizers themselves have realized that with each passing year the competition receives more attention from the press, and although for the moment most of the participants are Italian, it is a trend that has spread to other countries; in Japan, for example, a request was launched to make hide-and-seek an Olympic sport for the Tokyo 2020 Games (although we are honest, it is unlikely to be accepted).

But how is this adult version of Hide and Seek played? Well the truth is that it is not very different from what the little ones do. The 64 participating teams of five members each are divided into four groups, and one representative from each group must hide while a search team, made up of neutral players, counts to 60.

Then the timer starts: the participants they have 10 minutes to reach the target in the middle of the playing area and touch it, without the search team finding them. Two referees and a coordinator ensure that no one cheats.

Therefore, this version of the hide and seek has the same complexity of the school playground game, only it is an event lasting two days, at the end of which the winner will be decided based on the number of times he has achieved the goal.

Do you risk catching the search engines by surprise, or do you take it easy, groping for the ground? The concentration needed to win is not a laughing matter, and perhaps for taking it so seriously, the organization ensures that each year they receive more attention from the press.

The ideal place to play hide and seek

This year, thanks to the location where the championship will be organized: Consonno. Known at the time as Italian Las Vegas, was created by a real estate magnate who destroyed a rural town to fulfill his dream of creating a huge and lucrative tourist complex, with hotels, attractions, a zoo and even a train service of his own.

None of that came true and the place ended as a sad reminder of the worst in the country. The positive point is that now abandoned buildings, which are gradually being conquered by nature, they are the perfect battleground for a hide and seek game, the organizers recognize.

At a time when mourning for the at least 250 people who died in the Amatrice earthquake in the center of the country, holding a hide-and-seek competition seems somewhat frivolous, but this innocence may be just what Italians need to move on.