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The guide to mastering WhatsApp States, cheats and more

Forget about using WhatsApp on these phones from January 1

Forget about using WhatsApp on these phones from January 1

The WhatsApp status They are already here and this is all you need to know to master them.

If you have recently opened the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, you will have found some changes: a new section of States has appeared. This is the latest feature that they have added to the messaging application and that will allow you to see and share ephemeral moments with all your contacts.

The States of WhatsApp thus join the Stories of Instagram and Facebook, and they are another bad news one more for Snapchat. Now, what can we do with this feature within a messaging app? We are going to review everything you need to know and tips for WhatsApp States.

First, configure the privacy of your WhatsApp States

This is the first thing you should do before using WhatsApp Status and prevent someone you don’t want from seeing what you share. How do I configure the privacy of my states?

Just enter privacy in the Settings section and we will see the options of Privacy of States, being able to select three variants.


  • My contacts: that is, your States will see all those contacts you have on the agenda (and they also have you). That is, it is not enough to get the number of a person to see their States, it must be mutual.
  • My contacts, except: in this way we can exclude specific contacts, so that they will never see our new States.
  • Just share with: an obvious option, only our people will see our States that we select, no more, no less.

Now, an important point is that any privacy changes you make will only apply to new submitted States.

How to create a WhatsApp Status

Once we have our privacy well configured, we can start uploading states knowing that only those we want will see it.

To create a WhatsApp Status, click on the top button that includes a kind of circle with a +, or directly enter the new camera section that we see next to the chats.

The states are based on images or videos and you can take them directly from the camera (to make a video hold the button, maximum 10 seconds).

You can cut the image, add emojis and stickers of all kinds, add texts and draw freely with a brush with the color you want.

An important detail: you can upload a status of any file you have in the gallery mobile, even GIF. Just share it as always to WhatsApp, and instead of sending it to a contact, send it to your State.

How to silence the states of a specific person

Is there a very heavy contact that spends the day going up your life in the form of States? For silence it you simply have to press and hold on its status and the following message will appear:


Press Mute and voila.

Tip: change the thickness of the brush

One of the tools to customize the states is the brush. Pressing on it we see that the entire color palette appears through which we can navigate vertically, however, we can also move laterally so that the brush is thicker or thinner.

Pass between States and between contacts

When you click on the Status of a contact, it starts to play automatically and goes to the next and to the next as they end. You can navigate between them by pressing on the sides of the screen or swipe completely to move to another contact.

Trick: pause the playback of a WhatsApp Status

Depending on the duration of each state, sometimes we may not have time to see what appears in them. If you want to avoid going to the next one automatically, you just have to touch and hold the screen and the state will pause until you stop touching it.

How to avoid being seen in the WhatsApp States

One of the characteristics of these States is that people will know when we have seen theirs, and we will know who has seen ours. However, this changes if we disable the Read Receipts option.


This setting is found in Settings, Profile, Privacy and serves to avoid the classic blue double check of WhatsApp. However, now it also serves to prevent others from knowing that we have seen their states.

But that yes, that also implies that you will not know who sees yours, the counter of visualizations will be kept at zero always.

And you, have you started using them yet? How about this new feature?