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The great update of Pokémon GO for iOS and Android is now available

The great update of Pokémon GO for iOS and Android is now available

The great update of Pokémon GO for iOS and Android is now available

The new great is now available Pokmon GO update, which adds more than 80 new Pokmon, as well as other better ones. Download it now for iOS and Android.

Niantic does not want its jewel to be forgotten, Pokmon GO experienced brutal growth in its first months of life during mid-2016, but little by little the relevance of the augmented reality game has been diluted.

One of the reasons for this has been the lack of news from the company, the updates that have been so far have been minor, except for a few extra points, but in 2017 they want to return to the path of growth and the first pokparada is a great update that is already available for Android and iOS devices.

Pokmon GO update for iOS and Android now available

We talked about them a few days ago, it is the biggest update in the history of Pokmon GO because, among other news, add over 80 new Pokmon, which correspond to the Johto region in the game. Those who know the classic Pokmon games will recognize them because they are the Pokmon of the Gold and Silver editions.

Just ahead of the weekend, game updates are now available on both its Android and iOS versions. In the case of the Google system it is the version Pokmon GO 0.57.2 (you can download the APK here), while on iOS it is Pokmon GO 1.27.2. The update should already appear on Google Play and the App Store.

New berries and more customization in Pokmon GO

Along with over 80 new Pokmon, this update also includes new mechanics and moves in encounters with creatures, you can capture specific versions of Pokmon and, in the case of iOS, the stability with Apple Watch, because we remember that you can play from the clock.

Also, there are two new berries, more character customization options, new music and night map, a new selection system for Pok Balls and Berries during encounters and many stability improvements, as well as slightly improved graphics.

And you, are you still playing Pokmon GO?