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The free alternative to Office 365 you've been waiting for

The free alternative to Office 365 you've been waiting for

The free alternative to Office 365 you've been waiting for

Open365 can be the alternative to Office 365, the office suite in the cloud that we have been waiting for a while for the open source community.

The office automation sector has changed a lot in recent years. Before Office dominated the market and OpenOffice (later LibreOffice) settled for a small slice of the pie, but the arrival of the cloud has changed things a lot.

While Google offers us webapps as Docs that are sufficient for many users, Microsoft has focused on offering Office 365 as the real successor to Office in the cloud. But what about open alternatives?

Searching the cloud market openly

Actually, we have been able to use LibreOffice on the web for a long time, but the truth is that it was not a solution to consider because it was just the same desktop program, running in the cloud. That simply isn’t enough to compete, and today if someone wants a free cloud solution, they have no choice but to mount it on their own.

Now Open365 arrives, presenting itself as the ideal option for anyone who needs an office suite in the cloud that is free but more importantly, that is open source. Although it is a beta project, and there is much to improve, we can already test it by creating a free account on the official website.

The pieces of Open365

Open365 is based on the LibreOffice source code, the most popular free office suite of the moment, so we will have at our fingertips quality programs, with compatibility with open standards; In regards to widely used standards such as Microsoft Office, there is some compatibility, and in fact the test documents that we can open as soon as we create our account are saved in docx, xlsx and pptx.

The other pieces that make Open365 work are Seafile and KDE. Seafile is a file saving program in the cloud, and it is the one in charge of synchronize the work we are doing locally with Open365 cloud storage; that implies that before using the webapp we will have to install an executable for our browser, but the process is simple.

Finally, KDE is a desktop environment, which provides the foundation on which LibreOffice is based, in addition to providing the Kontact program for email, calendar and calendar. Everything has been brought together using EyeOS technology, specialists in cloud operating systems.

This is the new free code cloud office suite

These three pillars support a powerful but at the same time perfectly usable office suite if we only want to create a quick document. The first thing we see when we start the webapp are the directories and the files that we have stored in the 20 GB available, but we can open a new one by clicking on Cloud.

There we will see the included programs. Mail is an email manager, based on the Kontact code. If you do not like email managers on the web, this may convince you as it is a desktop program adapted to the cloud.

Writer is the same one that comes in LibreOffice, and therefore it’s the same legit word processor.

Calc is the LibreOffice spreadsheet, and Impress is the program for creating presentations. If you’ve used them on the desktop, you won’t see many differences in the cloud.

Unlike the previous version of LibreOffice in the cloud that we presented to you, this time the interface is much more modern and pleasant. Unfortunately in the tests we did the performance left something to be desired; for example, when writing in Writer, words sometimes had trouble appearing.

Considering that I have no problems with other online writing programs, it may be a symptom of their beta status. And while they are there, they could change the name. Open365 is too reminiscent of a competing product, Office365; it is not the same as office that was previously used by other office applications.

Open365 is available in open beta, and base we have 20 GB of cloud storage for our documents. Its creators will upload the source code and all the necessary files to set up our own server in the next few days.