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The first program that specially protects us against ransomware

The first program that specially protects us against ransomware

The first program that specially protects us against ransomware

A new program against ransomware promises to protect us against the great computer threat of 2016.

Now that 2016 ends, it is a good time to look back and realize that this has been the year of ransomware. It is fashionable malware, which encrypts our files and asks us for money in exchange for decrypting them.

The success that this type of program is having is such that the network has been filled with clones and new versions, each one more evil; for example, not long ago we were talking about a ransomware that allows us to infect contacts in exchange for decrypting our files.

Ransomware, a threat that needs its own response

And yet, until now, there was no specific way to protect yourself against these programs; Most of us use the usual antivirus and take the usual precautions. But that is not enough in the face of continuous evolution of this type of malware.

Developer Cybereason believes the only option is to have a specific ransomware protector, do not use the same methods to detect other types of malware. It’s called Ransomware Free, and it’s available as of today for free.

Cybereason ensures that the greatest danger of ransomware is that traditional antivirus are not prepared against them; that’s because they base their detection on comparing the programs we run against a huge database of known viruses.

That method is obsolete with ransomware, which can act without us realizing it and until it’s too late. So the RansomwareFree alternative is different, and consists of analyze the behavior of programs from our computer.

To find out how a ransomware behaves, Cybereason analyzed tens of thousands of samples from 40 main ransomware types; Locky, Cryptowall, or TeslaCrypt were some of the ransomware analyzed.

How this program works against ransomware

They found what they call a common denominator; that is, that although all these ransomware were created by different hackers, at low level everyone behaves similarly.

RansomwareFree works based on this discovery. It is a very simple program and the first thing that strikes you is that you don’t have to do anything; as soon as you install it, the program remains in the background.

From then on, your system will be protected against ransomware; we only have a few options, to pause protection or update the program. We may also meet some files scattered in our folders, queRansomwareFree to follow the behavior of programs.

RansomwareFree is an option if you are especially concerned about catching ransomware on your system; Although most users do not feel the need to install it if they already have an antivirus. However, if the trend continues, a program like this may be little less than essential.

RansomwareFree is available for Windows as of Windows 7.