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The first browser with tab notifications

The first browser with tab notifications

The first browser with tab notifications

Vivaldi has innovated again, becoming the first browser with tab notifications.

At Omicrono we have a weakness for Vivaldi, a browser that has managed to occupy the place that Opera used to occupy at the time; Now that Chrome is resting on its laurels and Opera is not what it was, you need a browser that dares to include new things.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Vivaldi is that browser, considering that behind the project is the co-founder of Opera. The latest version 1.6 is a good example of this philosophy, as it focuses on implementing a large number of tab improvements.

The browser arrives with tab notifications

In Vivaldi 1.6 comes an interesting novelty, the tab notifications. Basically, it is a way to have our tabs controlled without the need to constantly change them.

These notifications work with all kinds of websites that change over time; but obviously they are more useful in social networks, since they show the amount of unread messages that we have.

Although there are extensions that do the same in other browsers, this is the first one that integrates them; in addition, they work whether we have the tab fixed or not.

Another novelty is the possibility of group them and give them the name we want. We can already collect tabs in groups, but by offering the possibility of naming them we can manage them more easily.

When are there too many features?

We can also select all tabs for a single domain by pressing Ctrl and double-clicking on one of them; for example, if we do that on a tab with this page, all the tabs on will be selected. Useful if we want to group them or close them at once.

Yes, there are many things you can do with a tab in Vivaldi, and perhaps for many people they are too many; nor are they revolutionary functions, which will change how we navigate.

But they are one thing: useful. Once you start using them, you understand the possibilities they have and the work that can save you if you master them.

Download Vivaldi for Windows, Mac, and Linux