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The European Commission wants a back door to bypass WhatsApp encryption and read your messages

The trick to keep seeing deleted WhatsApp messages

The trick to keep seeing deleted WhatsApp messages

The European Union joins pressure from the British government to create a back door that allows access to conversations and data from WhatsApp and other companies.

As is customary every time a terrorist attack occurs, the different governments have been quick to rush to ask for all kinds of measures to be able to skip the encryption of the data of all kinds of services. It happened with Apple and the FBI with the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino terrorist and it seems that now history is going to repeat itself with WhatsApp and the attack on March 22 in the British Parliament.

First, it was the various members of the British government and security forces who asked WhatsApp for a back door with which to bypass WhatsApp encryption and read the terrorist’s conversations.

A request to which the European Commission has joined today with an initiative of Vera Jourova, EU justice commissioner. The idea is to propose several measures, including new legislation and voluntary agreements with companies in the technology sector, which allow law enforcement agencies to access encrypted information quickly and reliably.

In this case the EU does not stand against encryption of data and communications as long as they can overcome all barriers if they believe it necessary. In the case of WhatsApp it is somewhat complex, since the data is not stored on the server but rather only on the devices of the users, but if it is successful, it will give the keys of the padlock It protects all data to European governments.

Back doors are always a bad idea

This type of data is vital for governments and law enforcement agencies that investigate those who seek to cause the greatest possible harm to our society. However, This type of keys, back doors and vulnerabilities also put other users at risk.. Especially if these tools end up in the wrong hands because of leaks like Wikileaks Vault 7 and CIA hacking tools.

Something that has not only happened in the virtual world. We must not forget that the keys that open back door of the TSA padlocks ended up leaked because of some photos. The hackers It only took a couple of days to create 3D models of these keys and share them for free on the internet.

If the EU or any government forces companies that encrypt data to create back doors, these can end up in the hands of bad and cause an unprecedented wave of hacking and data theft.