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The essential guide to learning CSS visually

The essential guide to learning CSS visually

The essential guide to learning CSS visually

Learning CSS can be much easier if it is visual, and if we do it by trial and error. CSS Reference is just that, a visual guide to learn CSS.

A maximum of programming is that you have to write code to learn how to do it. You learn by trying to try, and correcting all the mistakes you make. But it never hurts to give us a hand. A little guide to start our journey, or guide us when we are lost. Something to help us when we don’t know where to continue, in other words. is the guide you are looking for to learn how to work with CSS. It is true that there are already resources, such as the Mozilla Developer Network, that are useful and respectable. But CSS Reference has a great advantage: it is a beautiful page. The design is great, the code is clean, and the examples are visual. What else do we need to learn CSS in conditions?

The best visual guide to learn CSS

As you can see if you enter by yourselves, the first thing we find are nice CSS examples. We can classify content into collections, and the sidebar allows us to search for specific attributes. In addition to that, that sidebar also allows us to explore the attributes of the collection quickly, to waste as little time as possible.

All attributes come with a dedicated link to share, and link to Mozilla Developer Network with much more technical information. Elements like animations and interactive elements are also recreated, so we can see how each element works.

We just have to access the CSS Reference to see everything. Is free, we will only find some advertising to maintain the page. And it is one of the pages that should stop in your favorites if you are learning to, or if you already know, working with CSS. What other tricks do you use?