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The Disney Princess that only works if you know how to program

The Disney Princess that only works if you know how to program

The Disney Princess that only works if you know how to program

With this grimace that teaches programming, Disney princesses take the generational leap.

Toys have changed. It is no longer enough simply to sell a piece of plastic that vaguely resembles a famous actress; If you’re going to grimace based on the new Beauty and the Beast movie, you have to do something else.

Or at least parents ask for more. They ask for games that not only have fun, but prepare your sons and daughters for the future; And that implies not only playing with technology, but creating with technology.

The grimace that teaches to program dancing

The Dance Code Belle It is the last example of this trend. It is based on Emma Watson’s role as Bella in the new live-action movie Beauty and the Beast. But the really striking thing is that if we want to play with it, we have to learn to program.

Indeed, this is a robotic grimace, capable of performing all kinds of dance steps; you can raise your arms as you want, make turns and even sing like a good Disney princess. But it does not do it by pressing a button like the toys from before.

Instead of that, Dance Code Belle connects via Bluetooth to an app, available for iOS and Android; The game consists of programming dance steps so that the grimace can perform them on its own. No, we do not have to remove the C programming billet; instead, the programming language is based on connect objects on the screen, which represent the steps.

In this way, we can learn the most basic fundamentals of programming; but there is more, an advanced mode in which we use commands with which we can create our own dance sequence.

Therefore, the boy or girl playing with the Dance Code Belle will not be able to program apps; But if you learn what it is possible to do by putting objects together in certain ways, with a view to a final result. AND that, after all, is programming.

Toys that inspire to destroy stereotypes

Dance Code Belle to be available just before the Christmas campaign, for about 120 dollars. It can be a good gift for boys and girls, and it is now when we have to talk about how Hasbro is promoting the toy.

The manufacturer has ensured that in all promotional content slet’s see a girl playing with her. And that gives us conflicting feelings.

On the one hand, I hope that thanks to this type of toys in the future we will see more women programmers; the sector, currently dominated by men, needs it to mature.

It is a shameful thing, with a real cause. If the girls don’t grow up with a referent, with an ideal that tells you that programming is a job as good as any other, what do we expect?

On the other hand, Hasbro has missed a luxurious opportunity by not presenting a boy playing with the girl, programming together. asking too much of a born toy to take advantage of the popularity of a movie; Or we may have become used to expecting little.