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The digital transformation in Human Resources and the case of Banco Sabadell

mayo 23, 2020
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It is a fact, companies cannot be managed in the same way that they were managed 20 years ago, and only those that perceive the difference can be competitive in today's market.

The employee must be in the center of the organization, must be involved and must be empowered in its transformation digital, and at Banco Sabadell they tell us how they have been working in this sense for eight years, starting with the incorporation of a business profile of the HR director which bets on four key points:

  • Develop new work processes
  • Offer continuous training and adapted to the needs of each one
  • Strive for loyalty to the collaborators
  • Make the team your best ambassador


Xavier Vela, deputy director general of Banco Sabadell and director of Human Resources, tells us that one of the main points for success in the digital transformation of his department is being able to offer constant training tools, something necessary to be able advance on demand and always offer the best service. At that point it enters Mayoral sofa, an expert in digital marketing, as digital director of Human Resources, responsible for developing digital capabilities of the collaborators.

Career project

No one stays in the same company for many years if there is no project that guarantees their growth within the company. That of being the employee of the month for 40 years to leave the same way you entered, is part of the past, and to avoid falling into the same mistake, you must create a connection between the employee and the organization.

Those contact points of the collaborators with the organization are fundamental to create a connection that improves everyone's experience, offering possibilities when the employee wishes, when he is willing to fight for them.

At this point they work on:

  • Improve engagement
  • Increase internal satisfaction
  • Retain talent

Loyalty of workers is not easy, and a lot must be invested at that point.

Talent recruitment

On the other hand, it is important to pay attention to new talents, and for this, Human Resources is helped in profile capture.

Xavier Vela tells us:

The employer branding or brand prestige offered by the job, is one of the department's most important tools when it comes to formulating its recruitment strategy.

In the case of Banco Sabadell, Emili Pascual is the director of Employer Branding, responsible for proposing these new forms of attraction through new digital tools, including social networks.

In the same way that candidates can know a lot about the company's work culture thanks to activities on social networks, something that forces companies to be increasingly transparent, companies can also know a lot about potential candidates, and it takes a lot know how to refine the toe cap as much as possible before and after the interviews.

Thanks to social networks, they work at three points:

  • Detect trends in relation to the new profiles that are demanded
  • Discover and contact professionals outstanding
  • Make a diagnostic on whether profiles selected really fit with corporate values ​​and culture

But they are not only those three points, in Banco Sabadell they tell us that the immediate future already proposes new ones, such as the use of Big data for make strategic decisions, measure the level of satisfaction of our collaborators or know the interest that exists to work in your company.

It is not easy to adapt to a new way of managing a large company, so it is always necessary to be constantly updated, absorb trends well and make the most of available resources.