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The definitive application to configure Windows to your liking

The definitive application to configure Windows to your liking

The definitive application to configure Windows to your liking

If you are looking for a Windows configuration application that allows you to easily leave everything to your liking, Dec ++ is your best option.

A desktop operating system today is something so immense and endless that it is impossible to know and take advantage of all the possibilities it offers you. In fact, simply take advantage of configuration options That the system offers you to leave it to your liking is already a titanic task.

Luckily, there are some applications that help you in that task. Dism ++ is a program for Windows that allows you to configure practically any part of the system in a simple and no need for knowledge.

Possibly the best windows configuration application

Dism ++ is arranged in three big menus (with several sub-menus each): utilities, control panel and implementation characteristics. The utilities section is simple and basically serves to cleaning the storage unit (use CCleaner rules for automatic cleaning), uninstall applications and change programs that start with the system.

It also has a section called toolkit which is a kind of tailor’s drawer with options such as making a system backup, restoring it from the factory or saving an ISO among others.

Control Panel

The control panel section has an overwhelming number of options. His first section, System Optimizerallows you to customize every corner of the system: the taskbar, interface, security, file explorer, desktop icons, updates and much more.

If you are too lazy to go through all the menus looking for interesting options, here you can see some of the most useful options:

  1. Delete Cortana (inTaskbar & Cortana Settings)
  2. Reduce the size of the taskbar and Cortana (inTaskbar & Cortana Settings)
  3. Disable Windows Defender (inSecurity Settings)
  4. Delete the Recycle Bin from the desktop (inDesktop icon managment)
  5. Deactivate unnecessary elements to improve performance and more (Context menu managment)
  6. Turn off automatic restart to update (inWindows Update)
  7. Delete various services integrated in the system (Services)

Drivers Managmentis another one of the sub-menus of the control panel that simply allows you to deletedriversand install new ones.Feature ManagementIt allows enable or disable various functions or system services such as document printing or native media player.

FinallyUpdates Managment displays a history of installed operating system updates and allows you to uninstall any of them.

The implementation features menu (deployement features) basically allows you to change the default program to open a specific file, or restore the factory settings accordingly.

Although the official page of the project is in Chinese, you only have to download the 64 or 32 bit version you want and the program will be in English.

Have you discovered any other interesting options within Dism ++? Which Windows setup application do you use?

Download Dism ++