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The creators of Apalabrados release Questioned


From Etermax, the company responsible for the famous game Apalabrados, we are introduced Asked (, a question and answer game where the players will have to face each other in duels to get the opponent’s characters.

Available for iPhone and Android, it allows two players to answer questions from six different categories, always with the aim of obtaining the characters corresponding to each of them.

In each turn we will have to turn a wheel of seven squares (the categories) and wait for the question, there is a special square that allows us to play for a character or duel with our opponent.

There are also four wild cards to overcome the most difficult questions, one to eliminate incorrect answers, another to get a second chance to answer, another to have more time … all in a very attractive interface.

It is already available in Spanish for Spain and Latin America and in English for the United States and the United Kingdom, with more than 5,000 questions in this its first version.

Only with lazy people they got 10 million users, plus 4 million users in the other two games of the company: Mezcladitos and Bingo Crack, let’s see what they get now with Asked…