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The crazy project to control Netflix with the mind

The crazy project to control Netflix with the mind

The crazy project to control Netflix with the mind

MindFlix is ​​one of the crazy projects created by Netflix workers and it is nothing less than mental control of service.

Netflix It is one of the services of the moment and is increasingly present in more and more homes. Video on demand platforms are changing the habits of consumption of multimedia content and in the case of Netflix its growth is going from strength to strength, with almost 94 million subscribers.

Sometimes the best projects usually come out of crazy ideas, there are many technology companies that allow their workers to exploit their creativity and Netflix is ​​one of them. Every few months they celebrate a Hack day, a day in the developers give free rein to their imagination and they can experiment with the technology, collaborate with other colleagues and shape ideas that, perhaps, will be part of Netflix at some point. Or they may just end up as the memory of a fun day.

Hack Day, a day on Netflix to unleash your imagination

Netflix has now published what happened on the Winter Hack Day 2017 held a few days ago and among all the projects is MindFlix: literally controlling Netflix with the mind.

The team that has developed this project shows how it would be possible to control Netflix without touching any remote control, smartphone or anything, simply with head movements and thinking about playing so that the series or movie that we have selected actually begins.

The key is in Muse headband, it is a real product although it was designed to meditate. However, this wireless band that is placed on the head includes up to 7 sensors that together are responsible for reading the user’s brain activity. Therefore, the MindFlix project will interpret and translate this activity into actions on the screen. No more searching for the smartphone to change episodes or increase the volume.

Netflix mind control

Among the other Hack Day projects we see a jersey with the Stranger Things alphabet (one of its latest and successful series, which we recommend), a system that will allow donations to charities directly from Netflix or an interesting Picture in Picture mode, that will allow you to see in small windows what other users of the same account are playing.

This could be very useful at the parental control level, so that parents can control what the little ones see.

That is, despite being projects devised by Netflix workers, the probability that at some point we will see them in the real service is very remote, although it is not the first time that we read about Netflix’s ideas for the future.