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The Cave, from the creators of «Monkey Island», now available on Google Play


Maybe the name of the game The Cave It sounds like something to you, because we already had it available in January as a downloadable title for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Steam. It was a great success among fans of adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion, with the added bonus of having been created by the same designer. Now The Cave It reaches Android tablets and mobiles with the same original aesthetics and the same level of entertainment, and for just over 3 euros.

In the game, which we read about in Android Police, we will see how various characters, protagonists of the story, are immersed in a cave where they have to go around traps and monsters and solve puzzles. Each of the characters, in addition, will be fighting against their past so that the narrative will rotate between the present and the personal stories of each one. Focusing on the gameplay, the basis of this will be the puzzles and the adventure, without trying to tire the player or try to leave us trapped on a screen until we reach the solution.

You can download The Cave for Android devices by following this link to the GooglePlay Store, both for tablets and mobile phones. We leave you, finally, with the game trailer: