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The browser that protects you without having to install or configure anything

The browser that protects you without having to install or configure anything

The browser that protects you without having to install or configure anything

Cliqz is the privacy-focused browser that can mark the way of what’s to come.

The battle for privacy on the Internet is escalating; the minimum guarantees that Internet users had are disappearing little by little. We saw the most recent case yesterday, when the US Senate voted so that operators could sell their users’ data.

Everyone protect their privacy as best they can

It is inevitable that we will see similar cases in the rest of the world; large companies, from carriers to internet giants, have discovered that it is an easy and continuous source of money. In this lawless land, the user has no choice but to protect themselves.

Cliqz is a sample of how the sector is changing; how privacy and user protection will no longer be optional, and they will become essential. And all thanks to the fact that last February this German startup bought Ghostery, the popular privacy extension for Chrome and Firefox.

We have already spoken about Ghostery a couple of times in OMICRONO; It is an extension that blocks requests to external servers, potentially used to keep track of us on the web. It is an extension that has been praised by Edward Snowden, so we can say little more about the security it offers.

Cliqz, the privacy-focused browser with everything pre-installed by default

Thanks to this investment, the Cliqz browser (based on Firefox) now Features Ghostery Anti-Tracking Technology Built-In, in addition to other additions; We do not have to do anything, with the browser just installed we already have everything necessary to navigate safely.

The menu that opens with the button next to the address bar contains everything we may need. For starters, we can see if Ghostery anti-tracking is working, and how many requests it has blocked.

Right next to it we have the option to activate the ad blocker; is disabled by default since Ghostery take care of blocking malicious advertising, but we can activate it if we consider it.

Cliqz also includes a phishing detector; that is, to detect pages that pose as others, in order to get our data. In addition, the browser will request pages via HTTPS whenever possible, so that our connection will be encrypted.

Privacy is not Cliqz’s only strong point. It also boasts a smart search, which presents content that may interest us as we write; unfortunately it is only supported in some languages. That problem extends to the program itself, which has an interface in English, German or French, but not Spanish.

Cliqz is a Firefox-based browser that save us having to find tools to protect ourselves on the InternetAlthough we can achieve exactly the same by installing extensions (Ghostery, an adblock, HTTPS Everywhere), the trend in the sector is to always include these tools by default.

Cliqz is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.