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The British Library makes 1,000,000 images freely available to us


We read from OpenCulture a good news that comes to us from the British Library, and that is that on Thursday it announced that a million images had been published in their Flickr Commons account so that any of us can use and publish them in any context.

The images are made up of a collection of works from the 17th, 18th and 19th century that have been scanned and digitized by Microsoft, and which have subsequently been transferred to the British Library, who decided to make them in the public domain. Among the collection we can find a wide variety of subjects, such as maps, geological diagrams, artistic illustrations, comic strips, decorative letters, landscapes, works painted on walls and many more categories that we can find if we explore the gallery in detail.

There is also a small objective in the fact that all these images have been published, and that is that the librarians are not clear about too many details of the images included in the collection (they know which books have been extracted, but not what each of them means. ). Therefore, they intend that the public can also provide some answers, and therefore a collection of tools that participants can use to collect information and increase knowledge of everything related to each work of the Flickr Commons collection will also be released soon. .

We encourage you to take a look at the gallery and to be attentive to future tools to start this interesting project to catalog them all.