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The blue screen of Windows is out of fashion, now what it takes is the green

The blue screen of Windows is out of fashion, now what it takes is the green

The blue screen of Windows is out of fashion, now what it takes is the green

The new green screen of Windows 10 seems a joke, but rest assured that they are not the leftovers of April Fool’s Day yesterday.

The blue screen is part of popular culture in the technology sector; It is just what we never want to see, but we end up suffering more than we should.

It is not because it is an error message; whenever we use a computer we know that there is a risk that something will go wrong. Because the blue screen represents the mistakes against which we can do nothing. It is a wall with technical and incomprehensible words, which to top it off are never of any use.

The blue screen evolves again

In all fairness, the blue screen has improved a lot since the days of Windows 3.1; In the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft included a friendlier message, an error code and even a QR code to search for information with our mobile.

Now comes a new change, though this is merely static: the color. Windows Insider users have discovered that it is possible to get a new green screenshot of Windows 10; The change has occurred in the last previous version, 14997.

Interestingly, the change was not officially announced, but it was Matthijs Hoekstra, Windows developer, who released a hint on Twitter. At the moment Windows Insider users, who are usually enthusiasts who they want to test Windows changes before anyone else, they discovered the surprise.

This is the new green screen of Windows 10

Windows 10 Green Screen is identical to the previous one, and only changes the color. It may be a matter of taste, or I’m already a little sick of associating blue with mistakes, but it’s a nice change.

However, if you were already looking for ways to get a system error to see color, you’d better stop right now. It is highly unlikely that the version of Windows you are using will receive this change.

To understand why, you have to know why Microsoft has decided to change the color; As we have said, the company has not officially announced the change, but it probably wasn’t for fun.

Instead, the change is probably aimed at distinguish screenshots from stable and unstable versions of Windows; Now at a glance, programmers can tell if the capture was from a Windows Insider user, very useful information to fix the bug.