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The best video players for Windows

The best video players for Windows

The best video players for Windows

These are the best video players for Windows that will allow you enjoy any video to your liking.

Video players are programs that many people tend not to care about and simply use the default. However, choosing a good video player can make a difference when playing in certain formats, access certain options, and enjoy the best possible image quality.

These are the ones that we consider the best video players for Windows, each with its own characteristics that make it stand out.


SMPlayer is a video player for Windows and Linux that stands out for its ability to play not only local files but also Youtube videos, and with a plugin you can even search the videos directly in the player. SMPlayer also includes audio filtering options, different playback speeds, subtitles, equalizer. Furthermore, it is an open source program licensed under the GPL.

Download SMPlayer here

VLC Media Player

VLC is probably the most famous video player. It is the one that supports a wider variety of formats (both video and audio), it has audio and video filters, support for subtitles and a function that allows streaming internet videos.

VLC is also open source and not only available in Windows, but you can also download it for MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Linux and tvOS.

Download VLC here

GOM Player

GOM Player is a video player for Windows with a very interesting feature: it has a remote control app for iOS and Android. In addition, it supports a wide variety of formats and has different image processing modes depending on the screen you are going to use and the type of content you are going to consume. It has support for subtitles and all the usual features: video acceleration, image and sound filters and even a system to record the screen while the video is playing.

Download GOM Player here


MPC-HC is a video player that stands out for being extremely light. It weighs 12.1 MB versus, for example, 29 VLC. Its resource consumption is very low and is very well optimized to play very high quality videos even on old and underpowered computers.

It does not have as many options as the others, of course, but if you are looking for a player that takes full advantage of the quality of the files, without lag and consuming few resources, this is the best option.

Download MPC-HC here


If you want a light video player but MPC-HC doesn’t convince you, MPV is a very competent alternative. It optimizes computer resources superbly when processing video and is almost as light as MPC-HC (12.3MB). In addition, among other options, it has color filters for video, adjustment of frames per second and very good scaling algorithms.

Download here MPV

And you, what is your favorite video player in Windows?