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The best tools to create your own website

The best tools to create your own website

The best tools to create your own website

Today, even if you have no idea of ​​programming, you have the opportunity to create websites in an easy and simple way. In this way, you can improve the visibility of your business or product on the network.

The Internet is not just a place to meet and meet people from our city or download movies to our hard drive. The network is much more than that. Among other things, the Internet is a great showcase where we can show the world what we know how to do or that wonderful product we sell.

More and more small and medium enterprises who realize the importance of being present on the internet. That is why there are a good number of services that offer the possibility of creating our own website in just a few minutes.

Easily create your own website with these free tools

If you are starting a business or want to publicize your brand outside your city, creating a website is the best way to have a much more marked presence in today’s society. Even when you have no idea of ​​programming, the tools currently available will make it really easy.

Have our website or blog in a matter of minutes it is really easy with the tools that we talked about today.


There is no doubt that we are facing the easiest option to create our own website, with a quick wizard and a smart WYSIWYG editor.

Wix It has two features that have made it one of the favorite options of millions of users. Both involve the creation of all online content and it has very intuitive and fast tools to use.

The simplest option is to use the ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) website builder that guide us through a series of questions before automatically creating a site for us. In this case there is no scope for customization, but the focus of this system is on getting quick results.

On the other hand, we can also make use of a more practical approach thanks to the standard Wix editor. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, with a really attractive design, that can be adjusted to our needs.


Despite being before a website builder cloud based, Wix offers a great degree of control over the final appearance of the website and the placement of the elements on the page. In addition, we also have the possibility of using the App Market to add functions such as a newsletter or live chat.

The flexibility and the potential offered by Wix tools make it the best free website builder.

Official site | Wix


The good thing about this tool is that it can be as simple or as complex as we want. Ideal for creating static websites, portfolios, online stores and blogs.


There are two different versions of WordPress which we can use to design our website. The most complex version can be downloaded from, having to upload it on our website and install it using the automated installer.

Then we have the possibility to customize the templates and use plugins to make our website unique. This is the path that many bloggers use, although there is a simpler option for those users who do not want to bear the hassle of playing with scripts and having to edit each of the plugins.

The hosted version of WordPress allows us to create our own website from We have the possibility of create from a website where to show our photographic works, up to a complete online store, being able to choose between the available templates.


Whether to create a static website or blog Where to update content on a regular basis, the online editor is a really easy tool to use and will give a professional look to our site. Although in this case we have certain limitations in terms of plugins and templates compared to the other version.


We are facing another simple and powerful creator of free websites with online and offline versions, although it is not as elegant as WordPress.

Joomla is a well-known name in the CSM world. It may not be as popular as WordPress, but it offers the same two options: build a website using the application at and have it hosted on the company’s own servers. , or download the software from and host it ourselves.


If we choose this last option, we will notice that the interface is less accessible than in the case of WordPress. But this does not prevent us from doing an excellent job and creating a quality website.

The Joomla online website builder also has complex options, but this does not involve doing the same setup process, making it a better choice for more beginners. Its strong point is the large number of themes and extensions available, which provide endless ways to customize the way our site looks and works.


We are facing an ideal tool to build and upload our website in a matter of minutes. In fact, this is the main characteristics of this platform.

As its name suggests, the idea of ​​SITE123 is that creating a website should be as simple as possible. In the same way that happens with other creators of free websites, we will have to start by choosing a general format, be it a simple blog or something more complicated like a store. After you have filled in some basic information, we are ready to begin customization.


Everything is really intuitive and we will also have a guide, so it will be really easy to find the answers to each of our questions. In a matter of minutes, we will have the possibility to create a website with an unlimited number of pages and free hosting.

In addition, we will also have access to a large library of free images and icons to work with. And although the web space is limited to 500GB and 1GB of traffic, we can always easily upgrade to one of the paid options to extend these limits.

Official site | SITE123