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The best programs to record gameplays

The best programs to record gameplays

The best programs to record gameplays

If you want record your computer screen While playing video games, you can do it very easily with one of these programs to record gameplays and games.

Recording videos of oneself playing video games has become a surprisingly common practice lately, and not only amongyoutubersthat upload videos fromLets Play. There are a lot of people who just want teach him to his friends how you play, explain something about the game or see yourself play (and improve from there, even) and that’s why you record your games.

However, many people do not know the software necessary to record gameplay. There are several alternatives that allow you to start recording gameplays very easily. These are the best programs to record games.

Fraps, record your gameplays easily

The best-known option of all. Fraps is a program that allows you to record gameplay by recording the audio of the game and, if you wish, also sound recorded by a microphone. It allows choose how many fps the video is recorded, hide cursor and lock frames per second while recording. Pressing F9 you start recording, and stop with the same key.

Fraps also serves to take out catch screen (F10) and as a benchmark, showing by default at the top right the fps at which the game is running.

Game DVR

If you have Windows 10 and you don’t want to complicate your life much, we have good news, because you don’t even need to install a program. The latest version of Windows brings a program called Game DVR that, among other things, allows you to record the screen while you play. To start recording, you have to press+ G and select the record option in the bar that appears below. In case it doesn’t work, try+ Alt + R to start recording directly, and use the same keyboard shortcut to stop.

To find the videos later, you must open the Xbox application and select the menu in the sidebar that says Game DVR; there you can find all your clips.


Hypercam is a video grabber that not only serves to record games, butallows you to record the screen at any time. It allows you to record the entire screen or just a region of it (you can customize this from the application), and to start recording you just have to press F2 (same as to finish recording). Also, as an extra feature, it allows you to pause a recording and then continue it with F3.


Ezvid is an application to record gameplay much more advanced than the previous onesYes, not only does it record the screen but also has several built-in editing options, as well as recording from non-computer audio sources (a person talking on Skype, for example). You can cut your recordings however you want, add music, text and images. The best option if you plan to upload your videos to YouTube; in fact, the program itself allows you to directly upload the videos to YouTube.

And you, do you use other softwareWhat are your favorite games recording programs?